Terms and Conditions


  1. Lease Agreement. The Caravan Owner agrees to comply with the Terms of the Site License, held by the Park Tenants in relation to the Park, under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960. Owners also undertake to observe the Park Rules in force from time to time, as if embodied in the Lease Agreement.
  2. Season. The Caravan can be occupied from 15 March to 5 January (both dates inclusive). The Caravan must not be used for permanent residential occupation.
  3. Permitted number of Occupiers. The Caravan must only be used for the number of occupiers it was designed for.
  4. Sub-Letting. Sub-letting is not permitted. Repeated failure to comply with the Lease Agreement and the Park Rules will result in the termination of the ‘Lease Agreement’ and this will require the removal of the Caravan from the Park.
  5. Records. Owners are required to provide a permanent address and advise the Management of a change of address and/or telephone number. A spare set of Caravan keys is required for the Managment in case of emergencies.
  6. Conduct. The Managment reserve the right to eject any person who persistently acts in a manner which causes, or is likely to cause, nuisance to other Owners and/or Staff. Ball games in or around the Caravans are not permitted.
  7. Noise. & Light. Televisions, Radios, Computers, Games, Children, Pets, Vehicles, Raised Voices, Evening BBQs and such like must not disturb or interfere with others staying on the Park. Beyond 10.30 pm voices and noise MUST NOT disturb other customers. No additional lights are permitted to be fitted to a caravan, the plot or deck without the Managment permission.
  8. Fire Safety. In the event of a fire in the Caravan vacate immediately and raise the alarm by striking the alarm gong at the nearest FIRE POINT. Telephone the Fire Brigade from the telephone booth at the entrance to the Park and inform the Warden or Proprietors. Park fire extinguishers should only be used in the case of a fire in or around the Caravan and the use of an extinguisher be reported to the Management. Caravan smoke alarms should be regularly tested in the Season. Approved security alarms can be fitted to the exterior of the Caravan. Open fires are not permitted, BBQs can be used.
  9. Security. The Park’s entrance gates MUST BE CLOSED after entering or leaving the Site.
  10. Refuse. Please recycle. All refuse must be separated and disposed of in the appropriate recycling containers at the entrance to the Park. (ie: landfill, plastic, paper and cardboard, tins and glass) Please ensure kitchen waste is in a tied plastic bag. Any large bulky items must be taken to the local recycling centre near The Bowd.
  11. Service Charge. A charge will be made for any service requested, from the Management, by an Owner.
  12. Pets. Owners are permitted to bring two medium-sized well-behaved pets onto the Park. Pets must not be left alone in or outside the Caravan and must be kept under supervision at all times so as not to offend or disturb others staying on the Park. Pet fouling is the responsibility of the Owner, and must be cleared away immediately.
  13. Cars. A maximum of two cars are permitted per Caravan. Owners must park their car adjacent to their Caravan, or in their approved parking area, not adjacent to other Owners’ Caravans. Extra cars must be parked in the Overflow Carpark. No commercial vehicle, quad bike, motorbike, trial bike, motorised scooter, or major servicing/maintenance of a car is permitted on the Park. A local Garage or National Breakdown Agency must attend to cars that break down on the Park.
  14. Visitors. The Management reserve the right to refuse entry to any persons other than Owners’ ‘bona fide’ guests. The Management must be notified of the names of the Visitors and their Car Registration. No Sales Person or Traders may enter the Park without permission from the Managment. (Notwithstanding the right of the Public to use the Public Footpath through the Park).
  15. Caravans. Caravan exteriors, decking or surrounds must not be altered, painted, modified, or added to, without the permission of the Proprietors. Caravan exteriors should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt or algae.
  16. Speed Limit. The speed limit on the Site is 5mph.
  17. Tumble driers, washing machines and dishwashers are only permitted with prior consent. Washing lines and Rotary driers are not permitted. A hook-on or freestanding airer is permitted.
  18. Storage. Containers for storage are permitted at the rear end of the Caravan or where appropriate, but must be approved by the Mangment.
  19. Motor Homes and Tents. Motor Homes and tents are not permitted on the Park. Visitors in a Motor Home must park in the Overflow Carpark.
  20. Advertising. Advertising in, on, or around the Caravan is not permitted.
  21. Mail. The Caravan Park address may not be used for general Postal Services but for special arrangements only.
  22. Sunbathing. Nude sunbathing is not permitted.
  23. External gas and electrical meter boxes are the property of Dunscombe Manor Ltd. Under NO circumstances are they to be tampered with or worked on, by owners or 3rd parties, without the express permission of Dunscombe Manor’s Management.
  24. Periodic maintenance. Owners are responsible for the maintenance and certification of their caravan’s electric and gas installations. Dunscombe Manor’s management can assist with recommending a suitably qualified technician for this purpose.