Buying A Holiday Home

Many of our customers are first time buyers and do not know what owning a leisure lodge or caravan holiday home involves. Here is the process of actually buying a holiday home on a quiet  caravan park in East Devon  ;

  1. Customers usually arrange a site visit to establish if the Park is to their liking, if the Park owners are reasonable and the caravan suits their needs.
  2. Agreeing a purchase. Buying a caravan means 2 things. Firstly you become the legal owner of the caravan and secondly you buy a lease on the plot where the caravan is located for a pre determined number of years ( Seasons ) Our site licence permits a 10 month ( March to the following January ) holiday occupation period. We are NOT a residential park.

    caravan park east devon 8

  3. Occupation of the caravan depends on the Park’s Site Licence and here at Dunscombe we offer a 10 month period from March 15th to January 5th. During the cold months outside this period the Park closes for essential maintenance and to prepare for the following season.
  4. Costs involved. There are 3 main aspects to this important consideration. First is the purchase price of the caravan and lease. Secondly is the annual Site Fee which covers the actual running of the Park and thirdly is the insurance of your valuable investment. Outside of these details are the running cost considerations. These include energy charges, the de-siting and disposal charge at the end of a caravan’s life and optional service charges such as Winterisation ( Insurance Company prefer this Option ) or odd jobs around the caravan which attract a modest call-out charge.

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  5. Payment. We prefer to take a non-refundable 10% deposit initially and then agree a full remittance method convenient for our customers. Unfortunately we do not offer a card handling facility.
  6. What happens at the end of the lease ? Again there are options here. If mutually agreeable we can negotiate a 1-5 year extension to the lease. Or a customer can buy another caravan here with us or they can settle any outstanding business ( de-siting fees ) and finish up at Dunscombe.
  7. We do not allow sub-letting, however, family and friends are fine to occupy the caravan.