How long is the season at Dunscombe Manor?

The Local planning authority has variations for all Caravan Parks in Devon. East Devon District Council allow us to be open for 10 months from March 15th to January the 5th of the following year.

Are there any facilities at Dunscombe Manor?

No, all we have is peace and tranquility. Oh and a laundrette!

Can we rent out our holiday homes?

Regrettably no. We are very protective of our peaceful atmosphere here at Dunscombe Manor and therefore wish to dissuade loud or unsympathetic occupants. Family and friends, however, are welcome to occupy the caravan.

What happens if we change our mind having bought the caravan?

You can give 2 month’s notice to leave Dunscombe Manor and we ask for first refusal to buy back your caravan at book price value. If this is unacceptable, you are at liberty to sell your caravan, and remaining lease, on the open market with appropriate commissions payable.

Do we need a TV licence?

The following information is taken from www.tvlicensing.co.uk “If you have a static caravan and it has a TV which is used at the same time as a set being used in your main licensed home you’ll need a separate license to cover your second home. However, if the TV in your static caravan is never in use at the same time as your TV at your main home you don’t need a separate license. But you do need to complete a declaration form available from TV licensing main address."

Can I live permanently in my caravan?

No - you can only stay in your caravan for the duration of the seasonal period granted by the local authority currently the 10 months from March 15th to the following January 5th.

Do I sign a contract?

Yes – we can show you a specimen copy of our legal agreement before you have to sign anything. It is based on the standard agreement set out by the British Holiday and Home Park Owners Association (of which we are members). Please read through it and ask if you are unsure of anything.

Does Dunscombe Manor have WiFi?

Yes but due to limited BT broadband width it may be a reduced service only available in certain areas.

What happens at the end of my caravan’s lease?

There are three options. Firstly, the customer can simply allow their agreement to come to an end at Dunscombe Manor and settle any outstanding charges. Secondly, if the Caravan is in good condition and it is mutually agreed, the owners can negotiate an extension of their lease with the park operators. Or thirdly, a customer can consider a replacement caravan and have first refusal on their existing plot.